Tianna Country Club

During the “Roaring 20’s” golf was beginning to emerge as a popular leisure sport in the United Sates as witnessed by its inclusion in the fictional novels of Minnesota’s two most heralded writers——— Sinclair Lewis (“Babbitt”) and F. Scott Fitzgerald (“The Great Gatsby”).

However in Walker, golf became a reality with the opening of Tianna Country Club. Challenging golfers for generations, Tianna is a must play. Rolling fairways and manicured greens beckons the inner Tiger in you.

Tianna’s 18 unique holes are open to the public and not too far from where you are. Located on the edge of the Chippewa National Forest in the Walker area, the relaxing beauty of Tianna makes you wish everyday was a holiday.

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Contact Information

Address: P.O. Box 177 Walker, MN 56486
Email: info@tianna.com
Website: www.tianna.com